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Appraisals for new and used ships


Superyacht Shipyard is a leading provider of appraisal services for new and used ships.

As a leading member of the shipbuilding industry, Superyacht Shipyard is dedicated to creating

value for shipowners through delivering fast, efficient, and precise valuations that will give the 

shipowner an accurate reflection of a ship's value.

Benefits of Superyacht Shipyard appraisal:

1. Accurate appraisal that provides value to the shipowner.


2. Rapid response appraisal that is completed in less than 48 hours.


3. Official Appraisal that factors in life cycle value and recycling.

4. Cost effective Appraisal that saves Shipowner thousands of dollars.

5. Appraisal is fair, using multiple factors for valuation development. 

6. Appraisal is thorough and detailed, outlining areas of value.

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