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Top 10 American Yacht Clubs

The Most famous yacht clubs in the United States



There is nothing more prestigious for a yacht or superyacht owner, than to join a prestigious yacht club. The price of joining a yacht club ranges from affordable to expensive, but it is a place where yachters can come together and communicate with like minded individuals that have a passion and love for yachting and sailing.  Whether it be to enjoy the world-class amenities or to connect with members, yacht clubs are a major part of the yachting experience. Yacht Clubs hold special events like regattas and give members special use of facilities. 

The United States has many yacht clubs that are over one hundred years old. The oldest yacht club in the United States is the New York Yacht Club which was founded in 1844. The Southern Yacht Club was founded in Louisiana in 1849 and the San Francisco Yacht Club started in 1869. The Chicago Yacht Club was founded 1875. The Florida Yacht Club started in 1877, the American Yacht Club in New York was founded in 1883, the Carolina Yacht Club was founded 1883, the San Diego Yacht Club was founded in 1886, the Annapolis Yacht Club was founded 1886, and the Palm Beach Yacht Club was founded in 1890. The Gross Pointe Yacht Club was founded in 1914 and The Newport Harbor Yacht Club in California was founded in 1916. Yacht clubs are a major part of yachting and avid yachters enjoy the yacht club environment, allowing them to share tales of their yachting adventures with other avid yachters.

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