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Superyacht Shipyard Announces Monaco Prestige Superyacht Series

The latest news from Superyacht Shipyard

Superyacht Shipyard Announces Monaco Prestige Superyacht Series

August 1st, 2022 – Shipbuilding company Superyacht Shipyard announced the creation of its newest superyacht series, the Monaco Prestige Series featuring 135, 180 and 250 Foot superyachts. The 180 and 250 foot superyachts feature four decks, six staterooms, three Engines, Gym, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Movie Theater, Massage Room, and they can be completely customized inside and out by its owner. The Monaco Prestige Series superyachts will be custom designed and custom built to order based on the specifications of the buyer in cooperation with the Dutch naval architects of Superyacht Shipyard. In the past two years, the number of Superyachts being purchased has increased. In 2022 alone, there are over 1000 superyachts that are being built or on order. With over two thousand billionaires on earth, the demand for superyachts has skyrocketed, with the global yacht market estimated to reach 12 Billion Dollars by 2028. The yacht market has grown an average of 6 percent per year and in 2021, the yacht market witnessed double digit growth in the number of custom superyacht build orders. Super-yachts have made up 30 percent of the entire yacht market, as demand has shifted increasingly towards larger yachts with greater lengths and larger areas for entertainment. Superyachts are yachts that are 98 feet or more in length and usually weigh over 300 gross tons. Emerging markets have seen the largest growth in the demand for luxury Superyacht construction and this is a trend that will continue. Kambiz Mostofizadeh, Managing Director of Superyacht Shipyard, said “A superyacht gives its owner the freedom to travel the world privately and in total comfort and luxury. The Monaco Prestige Series superyachts are designed and built by Superyacht Shipyard with the principles of ergonomic design, elegance, luxury, and durability. They are a masterpiece of yacht design and naval engineering, resulting in complete and total enjoyment for its owner.” For more information on the Monaco Prestige Series superyachts built by Superyacht Shipyard, contact the Sales Department of Superyacht Shipyard.

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