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Superyacht Security

Article about pirates and superyacht security


Before embarking on a trans-oceanic voyage, it is important to plot out the route so as to avoid areas that are known for piracy. Safety should be the first priority and it is important to be prepared if your superyacht is travelling to areas that may contain reports of piracy. Piracy is a global problem that leads to real economic losses for the maritime industry. The Somalian Pirates near the Gulf of Aden have speed boats that can travel 50 Knots Per Hour, which is twice as fast as the fastest superyacht. The Philippines, the South China Seas and Nigeria have all reported acts of Piracy. The act of Piracy is about Theft and it is a purely criminal act because it is done for Personal Gain. The ancient maritime law stated that “everyone deserves to travel freely”. The logic on the sea is that when you attempt to steal, you lose the right to travel freely. In more cases than not, Pirates are in partnership with local officials of the nation hosting them. Superyachts have turned to hiring security to protect their guests and cargo. The Modern Pirates pose a danger to global shipping and maritime security, as they raid cargo ships and container ships that travel very slowly. Superyachts have many options for security and they are installed during the construction and outfitting of a new superyacht. It is important to take in to consideration, security measures such as bulletproof glass, anti-boarding devices, LRAD or Long Range Acoustic Device sound cannon which emits 150 Decibel sound, and emergency communication equipment. In addition to the installing of key security measures, many superyachts also hire professional security teams. There has never been an incident where pirates have overpowered and captured a ship that had a professionally armed security team on board.

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