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Superyacht Shipyard To Host Superyacht Design Contest

The latest news from Superyacht Shipyard

Superyacht Shipyard To Host Superyacht Design Contest
July 26th, 2023 - Superyacht Shipyard, a superyacht shipbuilding company, has announced a Superyacht Design Contest for young designers who aspire to create innovative and elegant vessels. The contest will challenge participants to design the exterior of a new 50 meter superyacht that will be built by Superyacht Shipyard. The contest is open to designers aged 18 to 35 who have a passion for superyacht design and a vision for the future of the industry. The contestants will have to submit their designs by October 15, 2023, along with a brief description of their concept and inspiration. A panel of experts from Superyacht Shipyard and other partners will evaluate the entries and select the best one based on criteria such as originality, feasibility, aesthetics, functionality, and environmental impact. The environmental impact criteria will assess how the design minimizes the carbon footprint, energy consumption, waste generation, and noise pollution of the superyacht. The winner of the contest will receive the opportunity to see their design come to life as Superyacht Shipyard will use the design and build the winning superyacht according to the specifications provided by the designer. The winner will also be invited to attend the launch ceremony of the superyacht and will receive recognition from Superyacht Shipyard. Kambiz Mostofizadeh, the Managing Director of Superyacht Shipyard, said "Superyacht design takes in to consideration various design elements and this contest is aimed at promoting awareness around the importance of superyacht design. Engineering principles do matter and the design has to be realistic and be based on efficiency. We are excited to see what the young designers will come up with and how they will shape the future of superyacht design. This is a unique opportunity for them to showcase their talent and creativity and to make their mark in the world of luxury yachting." 

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