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Engineered To Order Submarines

Superyacht Shipyard - SS76 Personal Submarine.jpg


SS76 Submarine

Length: 3.5 Meters (11 Feet)

Width: 2.2 Meters (7 Feet)

Height: 2.75 Meters (9 Feet)

Cruising Speed: 4 Knots (4.6 Miles Per Hour)

Seating: 4 Persons

Hull: Aluminum

Main Thrusters

Vertical Thrusters

Joystick Navigation Control

Pressurized Cabin, Infrared Cameras,

Internal/External Lights, Oxygen System

with CO2 Scrubber

Price: $7,000,000


Imagine being able to explore the oceans and seas in your own personal submarine. Explore the vast oceans of the world and discover new plant and marine life.


Travel underwater in style with your own electric powered personal submarine featuring dedicated oxygen supply, pressurized cabin, multiple cameras for filming your adventures, and 360 degree views.


Explore the vast oceans of the world in your own personal submarine, Engineered To Order and 100 percent Electric Powered.

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