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Spacecraft and Superyachts

Article about the similarities between spacecraft and superyachts


The first flying machines were envisioned as and designed as Flying Boats. They were essentially designed and built as boats with wings. The problem was that they could not generate the necessary velocity to create lift. As a hybrid flying boat, it could not fly well and sailed just as poorly. Many of the designers in Elon Musk's Space X come from a yacht design background with experience in naval architecture. Interestingly enough, the same Laws of Physics like Gravity and Drag and Lift, that apply to airplanes also apply to yacht design. The interior of a superyacht and the interior of a spaceship have many design principles in common and one of them being Ergonomic Interior Design. Their exteriors are also similar with both of them having sleek aerodynamically designed exteriors. Space and the vast oceans that make up the majority of the earth, have been charted and mapped, but they have not been deeply explored. Discoveries are found in deep exploration, journeys that could take years to bear fruit. An airplane was still referred to as being a "Ship" in Mainstream Media as close as 20 years ago. Blimps are currently referred to as being "Air Ships". The idea of flying ships is as old as the creation of ships. There have been many attempts to create a Flying Boat, like the Russian manufactured Caspian Sea Monster Ekranoplan. Naval navigation was used as the basis for aerial navigation and many of the navigation features of a seafaring ship were adapted in to aerial flight navigation control systems. The process has come full circle, as Airplane Wings are currently being used on sailing ships, erected vertically to create lift to propel the ship forward. Spacecraft are now being designed with "Space Sails" that could move ships forward in space

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