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National Maritime Day

National Maritime Day is celebrated on May 22nd of every year

By Kambiz Mostofizadeh, Managing Director of Superyacht Shipyard

May 22nd has been celebrated as National Maritime Day since 1933. It was made official by the U.S. Congress in 1933 and started to commemorate the steamship Savannah's voyage from the United States to England. The U.S. shipbuilding industry employs nearly 300,000 people and they include hydrodynamicists, mechanical engineers, naval engineers, iron workers, executives, navigators, and many more positions. In Florida alone, there are 66,000 persons employed directly by the shipbuilding industry. There are 12,000 Marinas in the United States and there are nearly 926 Ports. These 926 Ports generate 25 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States. Ship workers are highly skilled specialists and it is important to recognize their contributions to everyday life. Ship workers have also had a major role to play in the training, equipping, and preparing new ship workers to build the beautiful ships that carry passengers and carry cargo. Shipbuilding is a force multiplier for economies, as every new shipbuilding job creates three more jobs in other industries. The industry has transformed over the past 50 years and there have been ebbs and flows in the shipbuilding industry that have transformed it. Technological advancements in shipbuilding and the use of robotics have created an industry that is more efficient and environmentally friendly. As we look upon May 22nd, we should remember the importance of ships and shipbuilding. We should reflect upon the need to support the shipbuilding industry. Superyacht Shipyard is dedicated to seeing the shipbuilding industry grow, prosper, and gain recognition through the celebration of maritime holidays like National Maritime Day on May 22nd. As an annual holiday, it is a day that we reflect upon the hard work and labor and science of shipbuilding.

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