Superyacht Shipyard Franchise Opportunity

Superyacht Shipyard Franchising.jpg


Superyacht Shipyard is awarding Country Representation to qualified individuals and companies.

Country Representation or Franchising is based on Franchisee meeting pre-determined criteria. 

A Superyacht Shipyard Franchise gives the Franchisee complete Sales Representation in a specific

nation. Why Franchise? The Superyacht Shipyard Franchisee saves valuable money and time by being given a system rooted in operational efficiency.


  • Franchisee must demonstrate over $5,000,000 Net Worth

  • Franchisee pays a Franchise Fee of $100,000 (Per Nation) 

  • Franchisee must attend initial and re-occurring Training

  • Franchisee must be willing to give complete attention to venture

  • Franchisee must maintain Superyacht Shipyard quality standards


  • Franchisee is awarded Country Representation for an entire nation which means that the Franchisee becomes the Exclusive Sales Representative (also known as Franchisee) in that particular nation. 

  • Franchisee receives Marketing support

  • Franchisee receives Sales support and Sales Training

  • Franchisee is assigned with a dedicated Account Executive to service their needs