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Fishing Trawlers

Engineered To Order Fishing Trawlers

147 Foot Freezer Fishing Trawler.jpg

147 Foot Freezer Fishing Trawler

Type: New Build (Engineered To Order)

Length Over All: 45 Meters (147 Feet)

Beam: 7.6 Meters

Draft: 3.10 Meters

Hull: Steel

Displacement: 600 Tons (535 Gross Tons)

Fuel Capacity: 160 Meters (Cubic)

Max Speed: 11 Knots

Fish Capacity: 320 Meters (Cubic)

Freezer Refrigeration System: Included

Stay out for longer periods by having the feature of freezing your catch far from port, resulting

in larger catches and fuller holds.

Price: $3,000,000

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