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Engineered To Order (ETO)

Superyacht Shipyard engineered to order vessels


Superyacht Shipyard is an Engineered To Order shipbuilding company that builds new ships based

on the specifications of the buyer. We do not broker ships or engage in activities of a brokerage. Superyacht Shipyard build each ship uniquely for each buyer so that the new ship precisely serves the needs of the customer and is able to provide a solution to a problem that the customer is facing. New custom engineering plans using the sciences of naval engineering and naval architecture, are uniquely developed and uniquely designed specifically for that customer. In the shipbuilding industry, this practice is referred to as Engineered To Order or ETO. Superyacht Shipyard is an Engineered To Order shipbuilding company that can build any type of vessel, whether large or small, for our customers. We spend months in the Engineering Phase, working out hundreds of complex mathematical formulas to arrive at the optimum design for your ship. Using advanced hydrodynamic simulations, we are able to gauge multiple key variables effecting your ship. Preparation and pre-testing allow our engineers to better understand ways to improve a ship for optimal

performance in seakeeping and stability. Superyacht Shipyard team of naval architects will create a ship

for a customer that is rooted in durability, functionality, and efficient performance. Every new ship design

has thousands of hours of work put in to its development. Engineered To Order shipbuilding means that 

every new ship or vessel built by Superyacht Shipyard has been uniquely created for that individual or 

corporate buyer with the aim of providing a solution for a problem the customer is facing.

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