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Buying a Superyacht

How To Buy A Superyacht


Before buying a superyacht, it is important to understand what a superyacht is and what its features and benefits are. A superyacht is a vessel that has a Length Over All of at least 24 meters. A pleasure craft vessel that is less than 24 meters in length over all would be considered a yacht, rather than a superyacht. Every superyacht has a hull that is composed of either wood, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, or composite materials. No two superyachts are built alike because they are each a unique one-time creation, rather than a mass manufactured item. A superyacht is designed to have greater fuel efficiency than a yacht, therefore a superyacht usually 4 to 5 times more nautical range than a yacht. Depending on the type of propulsion used (electric or fuel), superyachts can travel an average of 4000 nautical miles or more and have water production machines that produce enough water to supply the passengers and crew. A superyacht features multiple staterooms (bedrooms), heads (bathrooms), as well as amenities such as gym, sauna, jacuzzi, and movie theater. A superyacht can feature practically anything a superyacht owner desires, from bulletproof glass to gold plated hallways to fiber optic solar system designed ceilings. The superyacht's owner will participate in the design process by providing their input during the 3 to 6 months phase in which the superyacht is being designed. A superyacht can be outfitted with various features such as a Helipad or Helicopter Landing Pad and in-hull 60 foot tenders. A superyacht allows its owner to have total privacy and to travel the world in total comfort while having all of the amenities that one would consider standard in a superyacht.  Superyachts can range from 24 meters in length to over 200 meters in length, which is why no two superyachts are built alike, unless presented as part of a series. A superyacht is engineered to order and built to order based on the specifications and needs of its owner, which is why each superyacht is a truly unique feat of naval architecture and naval engineering. Every superyacht owner has their own unique requests during the designing process, providing key input that helps shape the interior and exterior of the superyacht. Superyachts should be fuel efficient, provide the maximum amount of space to its owner, and be ergonomic in design. Every superyacht provides a means for complete privacy for its owner allowing them to travel the world in absolute comfort and luxury. Every superyacht is specifically built to the specifications and desires of its owner, allowing for the construction and creation of a superyacht that not only meets the needs of its new owner, but also provides total comfort, luxury, and enjoyment. 

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